Auburn Indoors offers premium interior landscaping services.

Auburn Indoors offers innovative solutions to interior and exterior green space installations. We believe that any space, be it indoor, outdoor, large or small, is enriched by the addition of plants. As Guernsey's most experienced interior landscaping business, we know how to 'green up' your indoor space - be it your home or office.

Commercial Installations

With a wealth of experience "greening-up" local offices and restaurants, we can transform your workspace in a matter of hours with minimal disruption.

Living Walls & Frames

Our Living Pictures and Live Panel walls allow everyone to take advantage of the proven benefits of plants in a modern yet timeless way.

Plants Sold

We have a wide selection of plants available at our in-town showroom on the Bordage, and hundreds more available for custom orders.

What we can do for you
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Gorgeous Indoor Plants
  • Living Walls
  • Living Pictures
  • Moss Art
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Site Analysis
  • Plant Consultation
  • Domestic Interior Plantscaping

Why choose us?

We live and breath all things plants, our passion for beautiful, vibrant plants resonates into all that we do. We aim for a long-lasting, healthy relationship - not just with you, but your plants too.

Our mission.

The benefit of having plants in your immediate environment are endless. Photocopiers and recycling bins aren't doing anything for your mental health and wellbeing. Our mission is to reveal the power of strong, healthy plants to the people of Guernsey.

Bring nature indoors.

Got an indoor space you want to bring to life? Contact us!