Living Walls

Innovative planting solutions

Since being pioneered by Pierre Blanc in Paris in the mid-’90s living walls have become increasingly popular and create a dramatic backdrop to any indoor space. Our living wall and living pictures are a great space-saving solution to reap the benefits of having plants inside.

Auburn Indoors are exclusive providers in the Channel Islands of Dutch green-scape company Mobilane products.

Our living walls work a cassette and rail system, a variety of plants, tailored to your specific environment, are planted within a cassette which has a trowel material backing. The material drops down into the rail which also acts as a water reservoir, the capillary action of the plants naturally wicks the water up through the towel backing. This means that the plants only take as much water as they need.

Using this technology makes the walls very easy to care for and are suitable for hand watering, eliminating the need for any costly irrigation systems.

Our ‘Living Pictures’ work on the same principle, the all-in-one frame holds a single or double cassette and has a built-in water tank with water level indicators, meaning you will never forget to water the plants again!

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