Bring your office to life.

It is beyond all doubt that plants increase productivity, they calm us down, they produce oxygen and they just make a space feel better. It’s hard to put into words the smile on our customer’s faces when we turn a once drab, soul-less office space into one that is full of life, colour and serenity.

Starting with a full consultation and site visit, our experienced plant people will begin by viewing your space, take relevant analysis including light meter readings, humidity levels and the scope of the project.

We then, through our experience would develop a planting plan with various options specific to your individual needs, with the health and longevity of the plants a top priority.

We can then tailor a maintenance package specific to your requirements, whether it is a few visits a year to ensure your plants are properly pruned and trained, to monthly visits with feeding, to absolute care including weekly watering tasks – we’ll hold your hand while we take care of your jungle.

Let’s meet for a coffee?

We would love to assist you in greening up your interior! If you have a project in mind and need some advice or a quotation please don’t hesitate to contact us today.