Auburn Indoors offers innovative solutions for interior green space installations.
We believe that any space, be it indoor, outdoor, large or small, is enriched by the addition of plants. As Guernsey’s most experienced interior landscaping business, we know how to ‘green up’ your indoor space – be it your home or office.
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It is beyond all doubt that plants increase productivity, they calm us down, they produce oxygen and they just make a space feel better.

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Breathing life into a busy restaurant may not seem entirely necessary, but properly advised and cared for plants will provide a perfect backdrop.

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Living Walls

Since being pioneered by Pierre Blanc in Paris in the mid -’90s living walls have become increasingly popular and create a dramatic effect. 

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House Plants

Introducing plants into your home may seem a daunting prospect. Fear not, we are on call to guide and recommend the best plants.